Secondary French Programs (Grades 9-12) 


The study of the French language is a valuable component of the secondary school curriculum.

Students strengthen their first-language skills, enhance their critical thinking, and increase their understanding of other cultures through learning a second language.

Currently, HCDSB offers Core and Extended French programming at the secondary level. French Immersion will be introduced in September, 2021.

Core French

Students are taught French as a subject at the secondary level. academic, applied, and open courses are offered in Core French in Grades 9 and 10. University preparation and Open courses are offered in Grades 11 and 12. All secondary schools in HCDSB offer the Core French program in Grades 9-12.

Extended French

Students are taught French as a subject, and French serves as the language of instruction in at least one other subject. At the secondary level, there are academic courses in Extended French in Grades 9 and 10, and University preparation courses in Grades 11 and 12. Extended French programming is offered in 6 of our 9 secondary schools. Please review the list of secondary schools where the Extended French program is available​.


Programs in French as a Second Language

Generally, the program a student selects at the secondary school level is determined by the total number of hours of French instruction accumulated by the end of Grade 8 (a minimum of 600 for Core French, a minimum of 1260 for Extended French, and a minimum of 3800 for French Immersion). Students who completed a French Immersion program in elementary school may continue to the Extended French program at the secondary level.

An overview of the programs in French as a Second Language, can be found on page 17 and 18 on the Ministry of Education's website. 

How can I take French courses and obtain my Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) Requirements?

One French as a Second Language (FSL) credit - 110 hours, from either the Core or Extended French program, is compulsory for secondary school graduation. The compulsory credit is normally earned in Grade 9.

As part of the graduation requirements, students must complete 18 compulsory credits, 3 of which are from Groups 1, 2, and 3. It should be noted that in addition to the Grade 9 FSL credit, students may earn one French credit from Group 1 and one from either Group 2 or Group 3, towards their 18 compulsory requirements. Students can earn up to 3 French Language credits towards their compulsory requirements, without affecting their elective selections.

Extended French Program

In the Extended French program, students accumulate seven credits in French: four are FSL language courses and three are other subjects in which French is the language of instruction.

Grade 9​ ​​​Grade 10 ​Grade 11 ​​ Grade 12
  • ​Extended French
  • Geography​
  • ​Extended French
  • History
  • ​Extended French
  • World Religions
  • ​Extended French


Students who fulfill these requirements may be granted a Certificate of Concentration in Extended French. Note that this is not a “bilingual certificate”. ​​​