Burlington Southwest QEW Pupil Accommodation Review 

Parking Lot Questions from Community Consultation Meeting​​​

An Overview - Pupil Accommodation Review for ​Burlington Southwest

Community Consultation Meeting​

Parents and members of the community interested in sharing their opinions and providing feedback were welcome to attend the Community Consultation Meeting, which took place on:

  • Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at Assumption Catholic Secondary School​, at 7:00 p.m.

FAQ Sheet​ - What does this mean for our school community?



2016 MPAR Communication Plan.pdf2016 MPAR Communication Plan
MPAR Interim Presentation to Trustees - March 22.pdfMPAR Interim Presentation to Trustees - March 22
4.3 Interim Staff Report Burlington Southwest.pdf4.3 Interim Staff Report Burlington Southwest
Parking Lot Questions - Burlington Southwest Community Consultation Meeting.pdfParking Lot Questions - Burlington Southwest Community Consultation Meeting
Modified Pupil Accommodation Review Proposals Presentation - January 19, 2016.pdfModified Pupil Accommodation Review Proposals Presentation - January 19, 2016
FAQ Sheet - Modified Accommodation Reviews - January 20, 2016.pdfFAQ Sheet - Modified Accommodation Reviews - January 20, 2016
I-09 School Accommodation Review – Consolidation and Closure.pdfI-09 School Accommodation Review – Consolidation and Closure
VI-35 School Accommodation Review - Consolidation - Closure.pdfVI-35 School Accommodation Review - Consolidation - Closure
I-37 Community Planning and Facility Partnerships.pdfI-37 Community Planning and Facility Partnerships
Burlington Southwest QEW MPAR Report.pdfBurlington Southwest QEW MPAR Report


At the April 19th Regular Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees made a final decision regarding the Pupil Accommodation Review (School Consolidation) for Southwest Burlington.

The following motion was adopted:

That the Halton Catholic District School Board not approve the Burlington Southwest Modified Pupil Accommodation Review.

This decision means that no school consolidation plan will be implemented at this time, and the school communities of St. John Catholic Elementary School and St. Paul Catholic Elementary School will remain status quo.

Thank you to all parents who took the time to share their thoughts and concerns at each step of this review.


On January 19, 2016, the Board approved the initiation of the Burlington Southwest QEW Pupil Accommodation Review (PAR).

The following are the affected schools:

As outlined in Section 2 of Operating Policy I-09: School Accommodation Reviews – Consolidation/Closures, a modified pupil accommodation review process may be initiated by the Board of Trustees where two (2) or more of the listed criteria have been met.
The Burlington Southwest QEW Accommodation Review Area is eligible for the Modified Accommodation Review Process as it meets the following two (2) criteria: 
  1. A) Distance to the nearest available accommodation is within 5 kilometers.
  2. E) There are no more than three (3) schools subject to the pupil accommodation review process.
The distance between the two (2) schools is summarized in the table below.

Modified Accommodation Review Criteria
​School St. John (B) CES​​ St. Paul (CES)​
​St. John (B) CES ​- ​3.5 km
St​. Paul CES​ ​​3.5 km ​-

Further to meeting at least two (2) criteria, staff believes a modified process is warranted for the Burlington Southwest QEW as the proposed solution would have minimal impacts on the school’s student community, whereby predominant impact will be limited to a relocation of their existing school to a potentially more distant location.

Option Summary

Staff recommends that the following actions be taken within the Burlington Southwest QEW accommodation review area: 
  • Outreach to approved community partners of the Board for potential co-build projects;
  • Construct a 4-6 classroom addition of 92-138 pupil place at St. John (B) CES for the 2017-2018 school year;
  • Close St. Paul CES’s existing facilities, and re-direct the entire student population to St. John
  • CES with a newly constructed addition – all attendance boundaries consolidated into one
  • Re-direct all existing programs at the time of consolidation offered at the two (2) affected schools to St. John (B) CES;
  • Address targeted renewal needs at St. John (B) CES with Board facility renewal funds, such as accessibility improvements, as part of the construction of the addition, where feasible; and
  • Retain the St. Paul CES school facility as a Board holding, with the intent of reviewing options
    for combining the lands with Assumption CSS for a potential future project.
Based on the Option Development Criteria, as outlined in Section 2.7, Table 1, of the Burlington Southwest QEW Modified Pupil Accommodation Review Report, staff believes that the proposed St. John (B) CES Addition meets the criteria in full. The table below provides a summary of the criteria.
Option Development Criteria Summary – Recommended St. John (B) CES Addition 
Criteria St. John (B) CES Addition​
New Facility or Addition ​Addition
Facility Utilization
Between 90-125%
​Yes, facility utilization remains above 90% and below 125% over 10 years
500-671 FBC ​Potentially, pending size of addition (4-6 Classrooms), 475-521
Portable Needs ​Yes, at peak 2 portables will be required on site, and will no longer be needed after 5 years. Due to site constraints, the addition of portable cl​​assrooms over the long-term is not recommended
Accessibility ​Yes, accessibility improvements to be made to the existing school during the construction of the 4-6 classrooms addition to meet current AODA guidelines and be fully accessible
Transportation Time ​All students transported will not exceed 60 minutes on the bus
Average Distance to School ​2.16 kilometers
Site Size
(approx. 5+ acres)
​Below preferred size, 1.96 acres
​Adjacent Uses ​Residential; Parish; and Car Dealership
​Site Limitation ​Shares parking with Parish

Proposed Attendance Boundary 

JOHB Proposed Boundary.png

Please click here for a larger version of the map.

Key Milestone Dates

​Milestone ​Date
Board of Trustee ​Approval to initiate a Modified Pupil Accommodation Review​ Process (MPAR)​ ​January 19, 2016
​​Written notice sent to municipalities, co-terminus school boards, and the Ministry of Education, advising of the Board decision to process with the MPAR​ ​Within 5 days of approval
Through a range of media, announce and advertise the decision​​ ​Within 5 days of approval
Meet with affected Municipalities​ ​Prior to CCM
Host a Community Consultation Meeting to discuss the proposed option in an open public forum​​
​March 8, 2016
Present to the Board of Trustees the Final Staff Report​​ ​March 22, 2016
Provide notice and host public delegations at a regular meeting of the Board​​ ​April 5, 2016
Board of Trustees receives Final Staff Report with Delegations, and make a final decision on the recommended option​​ ​April 19, 2016