Oakville Northeast School Consolidation 

Following a five-month pupil accommodation review and community consultation process, at the Regular Board Meeting held on March 7, 2017, the Board of Trustees approved two motions that relate to the St. Michael, St. John, and Our Lady of Peace school communities: a preferred accommodation plan, which would have required Ministry funding approval. And an alternate accommodation plan recommended by the Accommodation Review Committee (ARC), in the event that the preferred option did not receive Ministry approval for funding.

This alternate option would consolidate the St. John and St. Michael school communities on the St. Michael school site, and would entail some boundary changes that would redirect some students to Our Lady of Peace.

The first step in moving ahead with this consolidation is to establish a Transition Committee. The Transition Committee has been established, and will begin meeting in October, 2017.

The Mandate of the Transition Committee

The School Consolidation Transition Committee acts as the official conduit of information shared between the Board and the school communities involved in a school consolidation or closure.

2. The School Consolidation Transition Committee shall provide the local perspective of stakeholders of the schools to be closed or consolidated.


Topics to Cover

  • Community building activities
  • Strategies for student integration
  • Home, school, parish connections
  • School closing event(s)
  • School Generated Funds (SGF)
  • School name selection process
  • School uniform process
  • Other items identified by Transition Committee

More Information

For more information on the Oakville Northeast Pupil Accommodation Review, please visit: Oakville Northeast Community PAR​.

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Transportation Maps

Our Lady of Peace - Transportation Map.png
Oakville Northeast - Transportation Map.png