Milton Catholic Elementary Schools 


The Advisory Committee consists of Board staff and two (2) parents from each of the school communities affected by this school boundary review, which includes: St. Benedict and St. Peter Catholic Elementary Schools.

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A School Boundary Review Advisory Committee (SBRC) was established to review and evaluate school boundary options for the new Milton #8 Boyne Catholic Elementary School, scheduled to open in the Fall of 2018.

Role of the School Boundary Review Advisory Committee

  • Assess school boundary options based on the Halton Catholic District School Board's criteria found in Board Policy I-29, School Boundary Review Process​.
  • Facilitate communication and understanding of the school boundary review process to the affected school communities in Milton.
  • Review community input and submit a final report and recommendation(s) to the Board of Trustees, at the January 16, 2018, Regular Board Meeting.

Community Information Meeting

On Monday, November 13, 2017, the Board hosted a Community Information Meeting at St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School welcoming parents and members of the community to learn more about the proposed boundary option for the New Milton #8 Catholic Elementary School.

Let Us Know What You Think

Parents and members of the community are invited to provide their input on the proposed school boundary option for Milton #8 Catholic Elementary School: 

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Milton School Boundaries​ ​


 Proposed Milestones

Board approves Milton #8 Boyne Catholic Elementary School Boundary Review Process October 3, 2017
Inaugural SBRC Meeting ​October 23, 2017
Potential SBRC Follow up Meeting
November, 2017
Community Information Meeting November 13, 2017
SBRC Final Meeting (Review of Community Feedback & Recommendations) November 27, 2017
Interim Staff Report with SBRC Recommendations Presented to the Board December 5, 2017
Public Delegations December 19, 2017
SBRC Final Report & Recommendations Presented to the Board January 16, 2018​
New Boundaries Implemented September 1, 2018​