Our EcoSchools

Ontario EcoSchools is an environmental education and certification program (from Kindergarten to Grade 12) that helps school communities develop their ecological literacy and environmental practices. Ultimately, the aim of the program is for school communities to reduce their eco-footprints and become environmentally responsible citizens.

All students and staff participate in environmental education and practices, developing the knowledge, skills, perspectives, and actions needed to be environmentally responsible citizens.

During the 2016-2017 school year, 34 Halton Catholic schools received their Ontario EcoSchools certification​. Schools reach three different levels of certification by participating in a wide variety of activities, including: waste free lunches, energy conservation and recycling. Overall, there were 5 schools that received Bronze certification, 11 schools that received Silver certification, ​16 schools that received Gold certification, and 2 schools that received Platinum certification in the Halton Catholic District School Board.

St. Luke Catholic Elementary School​ in Oakville, Ontario has participated in the Ontario EcoSchools program for over ten years. ​The Halton Catholic District School Board is one of six boards to have a longstanding school participate in the EcoSchools initiative!

HCDSB Ontario EcoSchools Certification​

Over the years, HCDSB has increased participation in the Ontario EcoSchools program. Currently, there are over 35 certified EcoSchools. Click on the graph below for a summary of school by school certification level.​