Holy Rosary (Milton) Elementary School

Our School

Together with home, church and community, Holy Rosary School is dedicated to fostering through Catholic values, responsible life long learners, respectful of themselves and others, who are caring contributing members of society.​​​​​

Student Success Programs

Holy Rosary School is committed to providing exceptional education for all of our students. Our focus is on high levels of achievement in both Literacy and Numeracy in every classroom of our school. Our staff work within a Catholic Learning Community that is committed to the key areas of focus of the Board with the underlying belief that all of our students can learn. Our staff employs assessment and evaluation practices and evidence-based strategies that reflect the Catholic values of fairness, equity and respect for all. ​

Program Highlights

  • ​Student Leaders
  • Student Parliament
  • Green Team, Eco School Certification (Gold), Earth Angels
  • Healthy School
  • Food for Thought - Healthy Snack Program, Bin Program


  • ​Games Club
  • Homework Club
  • Book Club - Primary, Junior and Intermediate
  • Girls Group

Before and After School Programs

YMCA Before and After School Childcare Program

Curriculum Focus

​All of the Holy Rosary Staff is committed to enabling all of our students to reach their full potential. Our expectations for each child are high and our staff continuously work towards providing learning opportunities that allow students to demonstrate their learning in a manner that is best suited to their learning style. The Ontario Curriculum is delivered through the lens of our Catholicity. In every classroom there are large blocks of time for Literacy and Numeracy. Teachers are engaged in Assessment for/as/of learning to effectively program for students. There is a focus on rich tasks that involve higher order and critical thinking.

Environmental Focus

Holy Rosary is an Eco Certified School. Our Green Team and Earth Angels, supported by the entire Holy Rosary community have led us to Gold Status the last four years. Our students are committed to reducing waste and energy consumption.​

Parent Community Involvement

​We are fortunate to have a very dedicated group of parents and extended family members who are a part of our Holy Rosary community. These dedicated volunteers help run the Health Snack Program, are part of our Cozy Reading and All Star Reading, and assist teachers in the classroom with various tasks. The Catholic School Council meets regularly throughout the year and support the goals of the board and the school.

Community Use of the School

​Holy Rosary School is used regularly after hours by Holy Rosary Parish and their many groups as well as community groups.

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Holy Rosary (Milton) Elementary School

Holy Rosary (Milton) Elementary School

Location map141 Martin Street
Milton, Ontario, L9T 2R3
Phone: 905-876-1121 Fax:905-876-2074
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Holy Rosary Parish (Milton)


Marie Murad


Anita Babin


Lorrie Naar

Bell Times

9:05 am
3:35 pm
9:05 am



School Council Members

  • ​Anita Babin
  • Sharon Barros
  • Dara Boudreau
  • Shelley Cutrara
  • Onita Dey
  • Trish Duivesteyn
  • Kim Kinney
  • Jeni Marinucci
  • Josie Nibbering
  • Iva Peric-Lightfoot
  • Caroline Ross
  • Angie Simpson
  • Nela Wilson

Director of Education

Paula Dawson


​Diane Rabenda (Milton Trustee)​


Approximately 410 students.

Elementary School

Our Vision

The Halton Catholic District School Board is a model learning community, widely recognized as distinctively Catholic, providing exceptional education, while nurturing the call to love and to serve as a people of faith, living out God's plan.

Our Mission

​The Halton Catholic District School Board, in partnership with home and Church, is dedicated to providing excellence in Catholic education by developing Christ-centred individuals enabled to transform society.

Our Governing Values

At the Halton Catholic District School Board, we value:

Our Catholic Faith
and aspire to be models of Christ through our actions of love, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance.

The Whole Child
and create conditions that support the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional well-being of all students so that they may fulfill their God-given potential.

Excellence in Learning
and provide opportunities that meet the needs and aspirations of all learners in a supportive, creative and innovative learning environment.

Relationships and Partnerships
and recognize that our success is reflective of the healthy and vibrant partnership of staff, parents, pastors, and members of our broader community.

The Importance of Contributing to Our Communities
and respect diversity, celebrate multiculturalism, honour individual rights, and embrace the social values of collective responsibility and the common good.