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St. Mark Catholic Elementary School

 School Council

St. Mark Catholic School Council was established for the purpose of developing, encouraging and promoting activities which will enhance the quality of school programs and improve levels of student achievement. Council membership includes parent representatives, teaching and non teaching staff members, parish representatives, community representatives and the principal.

The School Council provides advice to the principal and where appropriate, to the School Board, on issues outlined by the Minister of Education in Regulations 612. Elections occur in September of each year (if required).


 School Generated Funds

School Generated Funds Reporting - November 2, 2015
School Generated Funds Reporting - Jun 27, 2014
School Generated Funds Reporting - Dec 19, 2014

 School Council Minutes

May 2016 Minutes
April 6, 2016 Minutes
minutes Feb 3, 2016
Nov 3 meeting minutes St Mark Parent Council
Jan 15 2016 Minutes St Mark
Oct 5th St Mark Parent Council meeting minutes
November 3 2015 - St Mark School Council Meeting Minutes
October 5 2015 Agenda
Pasta Dinner Minutes
April 1 2015 St Mark Parent Council Minutes
St Mark Parent Council Meeting Minutes may 27
March 4 2015 Parent Council Minutes

 School Council Members

Michelle BrooksCouncil Member
Lisa CommissoCouncil Member
Kristy DavisonCouncil Member
Shannon Day-CheungCouncil Member
Gina GallantCouncil Member
Heidi HartmannCouncil Member
Yvonne KiCouncil Member
Andrea McLaughlinCouncil Member
Cheryl Scarfone-GalipeauCouncil Member
Rosemarie StaggCouncil Member
Jeanna StajanCouncil Member
Melicki HaddadSchool Council Member
Kathleen BossCouncil Member - Teaching Representative
Michelle MorrisseyCouncil Member - School Principal

 School Council Documents

School Council Bylaws