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During school hours, your library staff is always ready to help you. Outside of school hours, your public library has extended hours and is more than willing to help you. From home, there are several places to go for help.

Thanks to Knowledge Ontario, we now have online help.  Simply follow the directions for help.

Ask a Teacher
Free online tutoring by certified Ontario teachers. Get homework help in English, math and science for Grades 9-12, live, anonymous and online. The chat rooms are open Sunday to Thursday, 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Virtual seminars
A few online seminars for high school students (mainly limited to science)


 Public Libraries

Burlington Public Library
Halton Hills Public Library
Milton Public Library
Oakville Public Library

Select from the many resources available to you by first selecting your division (either elementary or secondary), then you can select resources based on your subject area of interest. These resources change often, so be sure to check back on a regular basis!

Many of the resources will require additional login information. These resources are indicated accordingly, and in most cases, you can get this information from your own school library. Just ask your librarian and he or she will be glad to provide it to you.

Helpful Resources

Please see below for some helpful resources to get your essay, research paper or other work off to a great start!

Over time we'll add more resources. In the meantime, if there is something you think would be helpful here, don't hesitate to contact us.

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6 Cs of primary source evaluation.pdf6 Cs of primary source evaluation
Checkology 10 questions for fake news detection.pdfCheckology 10 questions for fake news detection
Finishing your report or assignment.pdfFinishing your report or assignment
How do I know it is a good website.pdfHow do I know it is a good website
Inquiry Based Research Process Worksheet.pdfInquiry Based Research Process Worksheet
Is it CRAP.pdfIs it CRAP
MediaSmart recognize false content online.pdfMediaSmart recognize false content online
Primary vs secondary.pdfPrimary vs secondary
Sample Working Bibliography Entry.pdfSample Working Bibliography Entry
Search strategy.pdfSearch strategy
Searching for primary sources.pdfSearching for primary sources
Student's research guide.pdfStudent's research guide
THINK before you post.pdfTHINK before you post
Website evaluation.pdfWebsite evaluation
Why Do A Working Bibliography.pdfWhy Do A Working Bibliography
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APA Style Guide.pdfAPA Style Guide
Bibliography Tracking Sheet.pdfBibliography Tracking Sheet
Chicago Style Manual.pdfChicago Style Manual
MLA8 Style Guide.pdfMLA8 Style Guide