This is a school committee that considers the needs of the pupil, identifies the pupil as exceptional or not exceptional in accordance with Regulation 181/98. This committee is composed of at least three persons, one of whom must be a principal or supervisory officer of the Board.


A pupil who is referred to an I.P.R.C. may be identified as exceptional or as not exceptional in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Training definitions.

Exceptional Pupil

A pupil whose behavioural, communicational, intellectual, (including intellectually gifted), physical or multiple exceptionalities are identified as such by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (I.P.R.C.).


Inclusion is the planned process whereby the exceptional pupil is instructed in his/her regular classroom within that individual’s Catholic Educational Community.


Regular Classroom – Exceptional pupils are taught in age appropriate classrooms by regular classroom teachers. It is extremely important to educate all children with their peer groups, those with whom they learn, play and pray. In some situations, resource staff may provide indirect or direct support to the classroom teacher and the pupil. Occasionally, this support may be provided in a setting other than the regular classroom.

Self-contained Special Education Class – This is a special education classroom setting designed to meet the needs of pupils with severe developmental challenges.

Psycho-Educational Assessment

A part of the overall education assessment which:

  • evaluates the educational and psychological strengths and needs of the pupil;
  • requires written parental consent;
  • involves giving a variety of formal, standardized tests to the student;
  • is conducted by a Psychometrist;
  • may include information from other agencies, observations, interviews, etc.;
  • results in a printed confidential report of the findings being personally presented to parents by the Psychometrist; and
  • is supervised by a registered psychologist or other certified personnel.