Special Education staff from central office support schools, families, staff, and students through regular visits and communication with schools.  Under the direction of the Special Education Consultant, board-based school teams interact with the in-school team to problem-solve, build capacity, advocate for students and families, and provide strategies and support for school based staff. They provide support to principals, teachers and other staff, while supporting and advocating for students and families. This board based support team, led by the Special Education Consultant, includes an Itinerant Special Education Resource Teacher (I-SERT) and Itinerant Educational Assistant (I-EA), known as the Itinerant Team (I-Team). Through the Special Education Consultants, other central office resources such as clinical and behavioural staff can be accessed.  Led by the Special Education Consultant who is responsible for each Family of Schools (FOS), the board based team has an important role to play in school program monitoring and improvement.

Transdisciplinary Rounds (TDR)

Effective December 14, 2017 the Board launched a new model called Transdisciplinary Rounds (TDR). Whereby the Behaviour Analysts (BA) work collaboratively alongside the I-Team to help build capacity within schools for those students who are considered top of Tier 2; whose behavioural, social and emotional needs are significantly affecting their learning.  TDR focuses on discovering solutions, through a transdisciplinary approach, using a meeting mechanics model for organization and accountability.

TDR Process

Schools can access TDR through their Special Education Consultant and parental consent is required. TDR meetings occur once a month per Family of Schools (FOS) and are 45 minutes in length. Mandatory initial TDR meeting members are: Principal or VP, Special Education Consultant, Itinerant SERT, Itinerant EA, SERT, Teacher and where possible parents, community partners, SLP, CYC, SW and/or EA. Using the meeting mechanics model, members are guided through the process by the BA whereby, an agreed upon goal is selected and strategies to support this goal are documented and people are assigned responsibilities. Any implementation variables to meeting this goal are discussed and resolved. The BA and I-Team work jointly together by supporting the school teams to achieve their goals established through a collaborative approach in their schools, in real time, with a focus on building capacity of all involved. Each TDR case has up to 4 joint visits by the BA and I-Team. Once completed this student can be re-referred to TDR.

Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)

Students are referred to the Multi-Disciplinary Team by their Special Education Consultant. This occurs when the Special Education Consultant is seeking support for a student who is beyond what our school system can offer and requires accessing community supports in order to meet the needs of that student. Facilitated by the Special Education Coordinator, members of the team include: Chief of Psychological Services, Chief Social Worker, Chief of Mental Health Programming, the Special Education Consultant, Behaviour Analyst and outside community agencies.