The Special Education Services Department reviews recommendations from qualified professionals based on the assessment of student needs. A Special Equipment Amount (SEA) process has been developed to accommodate students who require SEA funded equipment. SEA is comprised of two components:

Claims-based Amount

This component covers expenditures for non-computer related equipment to be utilized by students with special education needs including sensory equipment, hearing support equipment, vision support equipment, personal care support equipment and physical assists support equipment.

When a qualified professional makes a recommendation for equipment that is between $300 – $800, the Halton Catholic District School Board acquires the equipment.  When a qualified professional makes a recommendation for equipment that is appropriate for the student over $800 and it is on the SEA approved item list, the Halton Catholic District School Board purchases the equipment and submits a SEA claim to the Ministry of Education, using SEA Claims-based Funding.

Per Pupil Amount

The HCDSB receives a Per Pupil Amount (PPA) from the Ministry of Education.  The HCDSB receives a base amount of $10,000 plus an amount based on the board’s average daily enrollment. This component supports the purchases of all technology-based equipment, computing-related devices, software and applications, training and technician costs. 

The HCDSB’s Special Education Services Department continues to develop and refine processes which allow for improved access and training in the area of technology for all students who qualify for SEA equipment.  A new role of SEA Lead was created in 2017 to better facilitate the organization, delivery and training associated with new claims.  Also in 2017, an IT staff member was dedicated to SEA in a full-time capacity.  In addition, for 2018, an additional 0.6 Itinerant SERT will be added to SEA staffing.

The HCDSB’s Special Education Services Department continues to ensure inclusivity is an integral part of receiving equipment.  The purchase of board-wide software (Read&Write) in 2017 enables all students to have access to assistive technology tools that are essential to some students to access curriculum, but beneficial for all.

In collaboration with our Curriculum Department, Boardmaker Online will be made available as board-wide software to make curriculum available in an accessible, interactive and engaging way.

In addition, the HCDSB has partnered with LEARNStyle to promote independence and increased-self-esteem for all students, with a focus on students who receive SEA claims through strategy-based technology instruction for students.  HCDSB recognizes the importance of providing staff professional development and continues to facilitate a variety of in-services and hands-on workshops to support capacity building throughout the system.  This partnership will grow in 2018 to include specific staff training for Special Education Teachers in our Structured Teaching, Community Living and Life Skills classrooms.

Please refer to the Special Equipment Amount Parent Brochure for further information, including the SEA claims process and frequently asked questions.​​