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The Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (CPIC) is a group of parents, trustees and Board staff who actively support parent engagement and involvement throughout the Halton Catholic District School Board. 

CPIC provides an opportunity for Catholic School Council members to network, offer input and facilitate informative presentations on a number of education related topics throughout the school year.

The Board’s Mission Statement and Governing Values directly influence the foundation and goals of CPIC. Additionally, CPIC aims to:

  • Increase parent involvement and responsibility in Catholic education;
  • Promote and encourage communication amongst the home, school, parish and community;
  • Be informed on current educational issues and practices;
  • Serve as a vital link between all of our community partners and the Halton Catholic District School Board.

Parents can reach out and find Halton CPIC on Facebook and on YouTube.

Below is a list of the current CPIC members for the 2020-2021 school year. CPIC members can be reached directly via email at: cpic@hcdsb.org.

At-Large Representatives

  • Gerry Bergin, Co-Chair
  • Laura Gallo
  • Maria Lourenco​
  • Sara Sywash

Burlington Representatives

  • Joel MacLeod
  • Tiana Arruda Newns

Oakville Representatives

  • Lidija Efremova
  • Sara Furlong-Warren

North Halton Representatives

  • Olu Iiuyomade
  • Steve Boulanger
  • Jennifer Santos, Co-Chair

Community Representatives

  • Denice Garell-Teti, OAPCE Director

Trustee Representatives

  • Marvin Duarte, Vice-Chair and Milton Trustee
  • Tim O’Brien, Burlington Trustee (alternate)

Staff Representatives

  • Nancy Dinolfo, Superintendent of Education
  • Vince Monaco, Principal
  • Vince Chininea, Principal (alternate)

Deanery Representative

  • Fr. Dave Walter, Holy Cross Parish, Georgetown

CPIC Elections 2021-2022 and New Member Information

New Member Information Session


CPIC Meeting YouTube Playlist

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