The Policy Committee meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month (September – June) to develop, review, and amend policies, as necessary. The Committee is comprised of all nine (9) elected HCDSB Trustees. The Director of Education and the Superintendent of Education with responsibilities for the Policies & Procedures attend Policy Committee Meetings as staff resources.

Policy development and reviews are carried out in accordance with Policy I Governance of Policy, following a the policy review schedule that is established and revised on a regular basis. 

All Policy Committee Meetings are open to the public, either through in-person attendance (when that is possible) or through a live-streamed recording, which is later posted on our HCDSB YouTube channel. 

Policy Committee Meeting Playlist

Open playlist on YouTube

Policies for Stakeholder Consultation

HCDSB values community input and participation through the Policy Stakeholder Consultation process. 

Following first reading of any new policy, or at any time as determined by the Policy Committee, a policy will be vetted for input through our HCDSB stakeholder groups, typically for a period of three (3) weeks. The time frame for the consultation process may be adjusted as appropriate to the specific policy, as determined by the Policy Committee.

When a feedback form is open for a particular policy, stakeholders are welcome to provide comments, make suggestions on the wording and provisions of the draft policies, ask questions and/or provide recommendations using the online feedback form.

​​​Click here​ to view policies recently released for stakeholder consultation.