Accounting Services

Moniz, GraceSenior Accounts Payable Clerk905-632-6314 x 145
Quinn, PaulSupervisor, Accounting Services905-632-6314 x 142

Business Services

Cano, RachelFinancial Analyst905-632-6314 x 141
Capling, AndrewManager, Accounting & Financial Reporting905-632-6314 x 162
Cross, Robert (Adam)Senior Manager, Financial Services905-632-6300 x 133
Dalrymple, CherylManager, Budget & Capital905-632-6314 x 102
Islami, SarahFinancial Analyst905-632-6314
Jones, KarenBusiness Officer, Business Services905-632-6314 x 131
Lofts, AaronSuperintendent Business Services905-632-6314 x 131
Peer, VirginiaBudget Analyst Clerk905-632-6314 x 144
Szwed, DanielFinancial Analyst905-632-6314 x 209

Curriculum Services

Blankstein, DanielleSecretary, Curriculum Services905-632-6314 x 204
Cobbina, PhilipAthletic Convenor905-632-6314 x 207
Condo, CarmenElementary Teacher905-632-6314 x 216
Crowell, JeffSuperintendent of Education, Curriculum Services905-632-6314 x 123
Holmes, AntoniettaManager, Early Childhood Educators905-632-6314 x 222
Ilczyna, CrystalSecretary, Curriculum Services905-632-6314 x 202
Kavanagh, AudreyResource Library Technician905-632-4814 x 5667
Kenney, JoanneCurriculum Consultant Elementary905-632-6314 x 205
Mickle, JacquelineCurriculum Consultant Elementary905-632-6314 x 243
Policelli, AgostinaSecretary, Curriculum Services905-632-6314 x 301
Priest-Brown, JaclynCurriculum Consultant Elementary905-632-6314 x 214
Robinson, CherylLibrarian – Resource Centre905-632-4814 x 5671
Saevil, SherryIndigenous Education Advisor905-632-6314 x 247
Shewfelt, TerriResource Library Technician905-632-4814 x 5691
Staples, JillCurriculum Coordinator905-632-6314 x 206
Turner, CatherineAdministrative Assistant, Curriculum905-632-6314 x123

Event Mgmt., Community Liaison & Support Services

Jewell, ChristopherManager, Event Mgmt, Community Liaison & Support905-632-6314 x 157

Facility Management Services

Abrahams, CourtneySenior Manager, Capital Projects905-632-6314 x 170
Allum, SteveManager, Energy and Environmental905-632-6314 x 187
Baptista, RossSupervisor, Custodial905-632-6314 x 177
Bryant, ClaytonSenior Manager, School Operations905-632-6314 x 172
DeMelo, JosephManager, Facilities Management Services905-632-6314 x 179
Duffield, JoshManager, Capital and Renewal Managment905-632-6314 x 185
Feddema, MarySupervisor, Facility Management Services905-632-6314 x 184
Merrick, RyanSuperintendent Facilities Services905-632-6314 x 171
Sacchetti, AlfredoManager, Facilities Management Services905-632-6314 x 176
Sayers, DonnaAdministrative Assistant, Facilities905-632-6314 x 171
Shaver, LukeSupervisor, Building Services905-632-6300 x 182
Watkins, GraemeManager, Facilities Management Services905-632-6314 x 173

Human Resources Services

Adams, MelissaHuman Resource Information System Officer905-632-6314 x 167
Brigant, HeidiHuman Resources Assistant905-632-6314 x 239
Cockwell, LaviniaAdministrative Assistant, Human Resources905-632-6314 x 129
Didio, JoanneWSIB Officer905-632-6314 x 168
DuCharme, RebeccaHuman Resources Assistant905-632-6314 x 151
Ervin, KimberlyRecruitment Officer905-632-6314 x 154
Frees, LauraSenior Manager, Human Resources Services905-632-6314 x 166
George, KimberlyHealth and Safety Officer905-632-6314 x 174
Ilczyna, DarleneSenior Manager, Human Resources Services905-632-6314 x 186
Jurus, JoanneHuman Resources Assistant905-632-6314 x 138
Milanczak, ChristineRecruitment Officer905-632-6314 x 158
O’Hara, JosephExecutive Officer, Human Resources905-632-6314 x 129
Ongaro, KatieHuman Resources Analyst905-632-6314 x 238
Renouf, AshleighAttendance Support Officer905-632-6314 x 374
Reynolds, CourtneyRecruitment Officer905-632-6314 x 155
Rubino, JosephineRecruitment Officer905-632-6314 x 117
Santini, EdeaHuman Resources Assistant905-632-6314 x 105
Silva, ElizabethHuman Resources Assistant905-632-6314 x 152
Stumpo, AngelaManager, Employee Relations905-632-6314 x 137

Information Technology Services

Alfano, MichaelComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 000
Bartol, MichaelManager, Network Security905-632-6314 x 559
Boich, JeffComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 000
Bonnar, WilliamComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 000
Bryer, GrantComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 565
Cripps, WilliamSenior Manager, I.T. Services905-632-6314 x 563
Dick, RyanI.T. Development Officer905-632-6314 x 573
Dixon, TrevorSchool Administration Systems Liaison905-632-6314 x 7140
Elshof, WayneManager, Technical Services905-632-6314 x 550
Epifano, BrandonComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 000
Guagliano, RogerStudent Information Systems Analyst905-632-6314 x558
Guy, DanComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 000
Havens, RobertApplication Analyst905-632-6314 x 571
Hernandez, OscarApplication Analyst905-632-6314 x 000
Hunt, CarlComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 000
Hussain, SaleemDatabase Administrator905-632-6314 x 567
Javor, MartinSchool Administration Systems Liaison905-632-6314 x 569
Keenan, BradNetwork Analyst905-632-6314 x 579
Lowes, JordanComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 551
MacAulay, ChristopherComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 564
Maggio, JasonApplication Analyst905-632-6314 x 562
Mandapathil, BinceComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 560
Martikian, SarkisComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 252
Montoya, MelbaManager, Information Systems905-632-6314 x 557
Putnins, DanielComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 000
Ribble, ToddComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 000
Silva, PauloI.T. Development Officer905-632-6314 x 566
Stipancic, FrankComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 565
Tam, TimNetwork Analyst905-632-6314 x 554
Tucker, Jo-AnneSchool Administration Systems Liaison905-632-6314 x 561
Velasquez, VictorI.T. Development Officer905-632-6314 x 555
Zachajusz, ChristianComputer Technician905-632-6314 x 000

Mail Services

Fillion, NandaneeMail Clerk905-632-6314 x 139
Daniel VelasquezMail Clerk905-632-6314 x 329

Office of the Director

Daly, PatrickDirector of Education905-632-6314 x 115
Di Pietro, RosieExecutive Assistant905-632-6314 x 115
Grysiuk, MarkManager, Privacy and Records Information Mgmt.905-632-6314 x 233
Jayaraman, SitaSenior Manager, Human Rights and Equity905-632-6314 x 146

Payroll Services

Clozza, AmandaPayroll Advisor905-632-6314 x 330
Danailovska, IvanaPayroll Advisor905-632-6314 x 148
Levstek, LuisaPayroll Advisor905-632-6314 x 149
Lewis, SusanPayroll Supervisor905-632-6314 x 143
Rust, Ann-MarieManager, Payroll Services905-632-6314 x 164

Planning & Assessment Services

Gunasekara, DhilanPlanning Officer905-632-6314 x 134
Labonte, TracyInternational Student Admissions Clerk905-632-6314 x 153
Laurin, CorinnePlanning / Enrolment Clerk905-632-6314 x 147
Palucci, ClaudiaPlanning / Enrolment Clerk (Temporary)905-632-6300 x 165
Stawarek, RudyGIS / Jr. Planning Officer905-632-6314 x 232
Vidovic, BrankoSenior Manager 905-632-6300 x 107

Print Services

Csaszar, CharlieSupervisor, Printing Services905-632-6314 x 109
Ilustre, IrwinPrint Room Clerk905-632-6314 x 116
Mac Neil, NormanPrint Room Clerk905-632-6314 x 116
Zachajusz, BeataPrint Room Clerk905-632-6314 x 116

Purchasing Services

Chanthavong, JamesPurchasing Officer905-632-6314 x 136
O’Keefe, RosemaryPurchasing Clerk905-632-6314 x 189
Reid, CrystalPurchasing Officer905-632-6314 x 229
Tkalcic, DanielManager, Purchasing Services905-632-6314 x 132

Research & Development Services

Campopiano, AllanResearch Analyst905-632-6314 x 367
Collimore, Lisa-MarieChief Officer, Research and Development905-632-6314 x 370
McDonald, JenniferResearch Officer905-632-6300 x 326
Walters, ZoeResearcher905-632-6314 x 224

School Services

Bakaic, EmiSuperintendent of Education905-632-6314 x 127
Brown, AndreaAdministrative Assistant, Academic905-632-6314 x 120
Cordeiro, AnthonySuperintendent of Education905-632-6314 x 181
Dinolfo, NancySuperintendent of Education905-632-6314 x 120
Naar, LorraineSuperintendent of Education905-632-6314 x 135
Piva, NickieAdministrative Assistant, Academic905-632-6314 x 181
Trolio, ElizabethAdministrative Assistant, Academic905-632-6314 x 135
Zammit, MartaAdministrative Assistant, Academic905-632-6314 x 127

Special Education Services

Archibald, JenniferPsycho-Educational Consultant905-632-6314 x 236
Bator, AnitaConsultant Special Education Elementary905-632-6314 x 310
Bauman, ClaudiaConsultant Special Education Elementary905-632-6314 x 338
Borg, AndreaCommunicative Disorders Assistant905-632-6314 x 393
Boyle, RondaElementary Teacher905-632-6314 x 374
Brown, GlendaChief of Mental Health Programming905-632-6314 x 347
Calinescu, CarmenPsycho-Educational Consultant905-632-6314 x 394
Collins, JenniferCommunicative Disorders Assistant905-632-6314 x 319
Cooke, AngelaCommunicative Disorders Assistant905-632-6314 x 399
Costantini, SaundraElementary Teacher905-632-6314 x 346
Delmas, MikelPsycho-Educational Consultant905-632-6314 x 339
Foese, OliverChief of Psychological Services905-632-6314 x 334
Garner, CherieSecretary, Sp Services – ProgDisciplineSafetyinSch905-632-6300 x 361
Goulet, MelanieBehaviour Analyst905-632-6314 x 344
Guayasamin, MiguelSocial Worker905-632-6314 x 344
Hayami, JodiSpeech and Language Pathologist905-632-6314 x 353
Hughes, AndreaAdministrative Assistant, Special Education905-632-6300 x 125
Hultink, GerritPsycho-Educational Consultant905-632-6314 x 376
Jones, AndreaManager, Educational Assistants905-632-6314 x 317
Kollee, DeniseChief, Speech & Language Pathologist905-632-6314 x 309
LaFlair, SusanCommunicative Disorders Assistant905-632-6314 x 307
Lyytikainen, HeatherSpeech and Language Pathologist905-632-6314 x 342
Mann, KathrynBehaviour Analyst905-632-6300 x 354
Mauth-Arseneault, JaneElementary Teacher905-632-6314 x 318
McCarthy, KarenConsultant Special Education Elementary905-632-6314 x 312
McInnis, JamesElementary Teacher905-632-6314 x 161
Messina, KristenElementary Teacher905-632-6314 x 337
Novelli, ChelseaPsycho-Educational Consultant905-632-6314 x 308
Rajaratnam, JoannaSecretary, Sp Services – ProgDisciplineSafetyinSch905-632-6300 x 314
Spicer, StephanieSecretary, Sp Services – ProgDisciplineSafetyinSch905-632-6314 x 345
Teremy, SimoneManager, Educational Assistants905-632-6314 x 163
Thompson, JenniferSEA Consultant905-632-6314 x 332
Van Reenen, TammySpeech and Language Pathologist905-632-6314 x 321
Wadsworth, AmyBehaviour Analyst Temporary905-632-6314 x 341
Webber-Callaghan, PatriciaSocial Worker – Temporary905-632-6314 x 347
Woolfson, SharonSpeech and Language Pathologist905-632-6314 x 351
Wright, TracyChild and Youth Counsellor905-632-6314 x 306
Yuan, Le-AnhPsycho-Educational Consultant905-632-6314 x 236

Staff Development & Faith Formation Services

Federico, GillianSystem Chaplaincy Leader and Faith Animator905-632-6314 x 121

Strategic Communications Services

Bartucci, AmandaCommunications Officer905-632-6314 x 246
De Franco, RobCreative Design Officer905-632-6314 x 126
Gligoric, JulianaJunior Communications Officer905-632-6314 x 230
Swinden, AndreaManager, Strategic Communications905-632-6314 x 159
Thurston, GloriaSwitchboard/Receptionist905-632-6314 x 0

Student Success

Bond, LindaAdministrative Assistant, Student Success905-632-6314 x 124
Butera, MelanieSecondary Teacher905-632-4814 x 5055
Davison, KristenCurriculum Consultant Secondary905-632-4814 x 5055
Dietrich, JohnCurriculum Consultant, Experiential Learning905-632-4814 x 5055
Esteban, RonaldSecondary Teacher905-632-4814 x 5055
Jenkins, CatherineCurriculum Consultant Secondary905-632-6314 x 213
McGillicuddy, ColinSuperintendent of Education905-632-6314 x 124
Turchet, AndreaSecondary Teacher905-632-4814 x 5055