At the Halton Catholic District School Board we recognize that our school communities exist to foster and exemplify Catholic values. Educational programs, offered in the context of our faith, promote the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development of our students.

The Board Improvement Plan is a commitment to improve success for each student in the Halton Catholic District School Board. The Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement is developed collaboratively based on an assessment of needs and priorities of students. The plan incorporates and guides the interdisciplinary work at all levels of the Board to attain systemic improvement for all students. The Improvement Plan identifies the SMART goals of focus for the improvement of student success and well-being, describes strategic actions and outlines processes for monitoring, making adjustments and evaluation of the effectiveness of the plan.

The plan is based on the vision of the Board in partnership with the Ministry of Education’s commitment toward:

  • Increased student engagement
  • Reducing gaps in student achievement
  • Attain higher levels of students achievement

Priority Areas of Focus

Increase Student Engagement

Students will report improved levels of engagement. A stronger sense of belonging and higher levels of spiritual engagement when their faith development is nurtured in respectful, equitable and inclusive Catholic learning communities.

Reduce the Achievement Gap

Staff are responsive to the needs of all students and deliver differentiated assessment–based instruction to intentionally support the strengths, needs and interests of each student to improve achievement and success in all subjects and programs, IEP goals and expectations.

Attain Higher Levels of Student Achievement

Founded upon an understanding of the dignity of the human person, a clear emphasis on high levels of achievement in literacy and numeracy is evident throughout all Halton Catholic District School Board schools.​​​​​