At HCDSB, the health and well-being of all students is our highest priority. 

Working in collaboration with your child’s school, your family, HCDSB and community partners, the health and safety of your child with a medical condition is a shared responsibility.

As parents, we encourage you to let your school office know if your child has a new or preexisting condition such as anaphylaxisasthmadiabetesepilepsy, a heart condition​​, or a concussion.

HCDSB recognizes that every child diagnosed with a medical condition has unique needs and requires an individual plan of action. School Principals work closely with school staff to ensure that there is a recommended plan of action in place for an individual student living with a medical condition.  

Should you have any questions related to your child’s health, please contact your child’s school directly.​​​​​​​​​​​