Important updates: School-based Immunization Program

School-based immunization community clinics are now available by appointment to students in Grade 7 (born 2009), Grade 8 (born 2008), and Grade 9 (born 2007) who have not yet received vaccines typically offered at school in grade 7. Appointments are also available for eligible students born in 2002 to 2006 to catch-up on vaccines they have missed. Book an appointment now or visit Halton Region’s Grade 7 Immunization webpage for more information.

The following vaccines are offered at Halton Region Public Heallth community clinics:

We encourage parents to continue to report their child’s vaccinations to Halton Region Public Health using the online immunization reporting system.

Read the letter from Halton Region Public Health here:

According to Ontario’s Immunization Schedule, all children attending school between ages 4 to 17 need to be immunized. Immunization protects children from many serious diseases and helps to keep our schools disease-free.

Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, children will need to have proof of immunization against meningococcal disease, whooping cough and chickenpox, in addition to existing requirements for proof of immunization. Children who are not fully immunized may not be allowed to attend school.

For more information on vaccines and immunization, please visit Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s website​.

A parent or guardian may choose to either temporarily or permanently exempt a child from receiving vaccinations. An exemption may be obtained if there are medical reasons why the child should not be vaccinated or if the family chooses not to vaccinate the child based on conscience or religious belief. A vaccine exemption allows an unimmunized child to attend daycare or school as long as there are no outbreaks in the facility. To learn more about the vaccination exemption process, please visit: Vaccine Exemption – Halton Region website​.

What Parents Can Do

Check with your health care provider to ensure your child has the required vaccinations needed to attend school. In addition, know that it is your responsibility to report your child’s updated immunization records to your local public health unit. For more information, please visit the Halton Region – Public Health website.

Click on the School Immunization Checklist ​above to ensure that your child is immunized according to the requirements for Ontario’s Immunization Schedule:

School-based Immunization Programs

Click here for information regarding school-based immunization programs.