Thank you for your interest in Project SEARCH! We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and provided answers for those that were not addressed directly the evening of the launch.

For your convenience, the presentation is available on the HCDSB YouTube channel for further review. Watch the Project SEARCH session here.

How does a current grade 11 apply? 

Students must be 18 – 21 (up to and including year 7 entry) to apply.  Those who meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the virtual presentation may fill out the application for the 2021-22 school year.

How will students be selected for this program? 

Students will be selected by a panel comprised of Project SEARCH team members from Halton Healthcare, Community Living North Halton, and HCDSB.  The panel’s process will consist of the following: an application review, an interview, and a skills assessment event.  Applications close on May 14th, after which applicants and their families will be given further direction on the timing and nature of both the interviews and the skills assessment. 

How was the site selected? Will more sites be added since this one will not be easy to get to from Burlington on transit.

An important factor in the designation of this site was partnership availability.  Also, Milton’s location offers the most geographically central option in HCDSB.  At this time, we do not have information about further sites.

Is this a mandatory 2-year program? 

Project SEARCH is a one-year program that runs from September to June in their final year.

If I choose to take part in the internship program would I have to get vaccinated to work in the hospital?

Currently there is no protocol to require interns to have the vaccine.  It is recommended but not required.

After the program is over, what kinds of jobs are the students eligible for? Will they be able to work at the hospital permanently?

The Project SEARCH year provides students with classroom instruction and three internship rotations, both of which prepare them for the workplace.  The host site, Milton District Hospital, is the designated training venue.  Its role, however, is not to provide or guarantee permanent employment.  The skills acquired during the students’ internships provide relevant work experience for their resumes; furthermore, letters of recommendation are issued by each internship manager when students seek employment afterward in the community.  Students are best prepared for jobs in alignment with skills acquired during their internships.  These vary from site to site, but some examples are as follows: housekeeping, food services, materials management, patient transport, clerical work, medical devices reprocessing (MDR), and diagnostic imaging.  One of the greatest benefits of Project SEARCH is that skills trainers, provided by Community Living North Halton (CLNH), effectively coach during the program, and offer follow-up support to assist graduates throughout their working careers.

My daughter is in year 4 of the Life skills program. Do you think it would be good for my child to apply for this September, or wait? Do you know if she can apply each year? (The more times she applies, the more chances of getting in?)

This program is intended to serve as a transition into the workplace in a student’s final year. Multiple applications do not improve a student’s prospects for acceptance into the program. Students are encouraged to apply when they have fully benefited from the Like skills programming offered at their secondary school.