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Enhancing Online Capacity

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Key Areas of Focus

  • Prepare to transition between online and in-person modes of learning, as required.
  • Review school safety policies exist including training of digital citizenship for all device users, use of student passwords, protection provided by a school firewall, etc.
  • Provide ongoing training to all educators on the LMS and on-board policies on appropriate use, including issues related to cyber security and privacy.
  • Explore ways to enhance digital learning and build capacity across our district for online instruction.
  • Schools will work with families and staff to provide the necessary technology for full participation in online learning.  Schools will reach out to families to determine what supports (e.g., devices, access to broadband internet, etc.) are required for students learning remotely (virtually).
  • D2L is the Board-supported tool that we encourage all educators to use as their Learning Management System (LMS).  D2L course shells will be set up by central Office staff for each K-12 classroom for student and staff use.
  • We recognize that many staff have invested significant time learning other platforms (e.g., Office 365, Google Suite, etc.).  To simplify student sign-in, we will be directing all students to their assigned D2L shell.  Staff who wish to continue to use other Board-supported LMS (e.g., Google Classroom) can provide a link to these resources through their D2L shell.
  • A Staff Access Portal has been created to support staff who wish to access Board software while at home,.  This ‘virtual desktop’ will allow staff to connect remotely to programs they would find on a HCDSB desktop computer.
  • We are currently developing a Student Access Portal as well so that students can also have remote access to course-specific software.
  • The Distance Learning Student Code of Conduct which was shared with educators during the remote learning period will be reviewed as part of the staff meetings at the beginning of September.
  • IT Services is currently reviewing and revising their help-desk model to provide the maximum amount of tech support for staff and students.  IT Services has also been working on changing the security protocols on Board devices to allow for updates to be done remotely, which is anticipated to reduce the amount of time needed to configure a laptop for staff or students to borrow.
  • An online training module for Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety is currently being produced by IT Services to ensure that both staff and students can learn online in a safe and productive manner.

Technical Support for HCDSB Remote Learners


Phone 905-632-6314, ext. 500