What mental health and well-being supports are available to students?

In the 2021-2022 school year, HCDSB will:

  • Make mental health and well-being a core element of the re-entry to school.
  • Develop Mental Health literacy curriculum.
  • Collaborate with child and youth mental health agencies to support stronger connections.
  • Continue with local Staff Wellness Committees at each school/work site.
  • Provide professional learning for system leaders, educators and mental health professionals.

For more information about resources and supports available, visit Supporting Mental Health & Well-Being in our Return to School plan.

How will teachers handle the possible negative impact/reaction from classmates toward students who are not vaccinated?

HCDSB teachers are trained in bullying prevention strategies to ensure all students feel welcome, safe and supported. If you have concerns, please contact your child’s teacher directly.