• All staff and students must perform proper hand hygiene before and after eating. Staggered student and staff breaks will take place to accommodate for hand hygiene use at communal stations (e.g., washrooms) and in shared spaces (e.g., cafeterias). 
  • Students and staff can use refillable labeled water bottles at refill stations rather than drinking directly from water fountains; kept with them during the day and not shared. Water fountains will be unavailable. 

Elementary Lunch Protocols 

  • Students are required to eat at their own desk; there is a ‘no sharing of snacks’ policy.  
  • Personal items should be clearly labelled with each student’s name. 
  • Staggered lunch hour schedules will take place at each school.
  • Garbage will be collected and disposed of at school, however, students are to bring home recycled items.

Secondary Cafeteria Use and Lunch Protocols

Use of cafeterias are permitted as follows: 

  • Lunch periods will be distributed by the grade of each respective class.  
  • Students are required to wear masks when not actively eating or drinking and practice hand hygiene, before and after eating.  
  • Two metres distancing must be maintained between students who are not in the same cohort when masks are being removed. 
  • Hand sanitizer is available for use in each cafeteria. 
  • Serveries will offer maximum capacity signage and physical distancing markers. 

Details for secondary students: 

  • Students may eat together outdoors, without distancing.
  • Students may eat together indoors, with a minimum distance of two metres maintained between cohorts/class and as much distancing as possible within a cohort/class.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a snack and water bottle to class with them. 

Food Programs/HFFT Nutrition Programs 

  • Nutrition/third party food programs and non-instructional food events (such as a pizza day) are permitted to operate. 
  • Adults distributing food must review the following guidelines prior to handling food in schools: Guidance for use of food in schools during COVID-19.  
  • All food programs will operate in accordance with Public Health and HCDSB requirements related to hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, face coverings, sanitization, etc. 
  • Volunteers who assist with food programs must follow Visitor protocols, food safety guidelines and COVID protocols. 
  • Individually served foods (e.g., fruits in HHFT nutrition baskets) or pre-packaged foods will be accessible. HFFT Salad Bar and buffet style food programs will be unavailable until further direction.  
  • Students and staff are required to use proper hand hygiene protocols and safety practices when accessing food baskets.  
  • No students or children are permitted in food preparation rooms and are not permitted to distribute food.
  • Food items (e.g., pizza, nutrition baskets, etc.) are to be delivered by adult volunteers and staff directly to the classroom for distribution, to avoid mixing of cohorts. 
  • For “Grab-and-Go” style food, students and staff must practice hand hygiene protocols prior to selecting food.