Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette are among the most important protective strategies. Hygiene education and routines will be explicitly taught and reinforced regularly. Training on hand hygiene, including the use of alcohol-based hand rub and its use will be reinforced.

Breaks will be scheduled to allow students to wash their hands at appropriate times during the school day. Furthermore, hand hygiene stations with alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR, minimum 60%) are available at all school entrances along with COVID-19 information/signage (e.g., screening information, hand hygiene, physical distancing).

Proper and frequent hand hygiene practices by staff and students will be encouraged:

  •        Soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  •        At regular time intervals throughout day
  •        Before/after eating food
  •        After using washroom
  •        Before/after outdoor play

Soap and water are preferred when hands are visibly soiled. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be used if handwashing is not possible.


Hand Sanitizer/Handwashing Stations

  • Hand sanitizer wall dispensers will be available by the front door of every school and at prominent side entrances. ​
  • Hand sanitizer pump dispensers will be provided in all classrooms without a sink, including portable classrooms.  ​
  • Hand soap will be provided in all classrooms with a sink. ​
  • All handwashing locations with an automatic faucet will have a hands-free hand dryer or paper towel dispenser.​
  • All handwashing locations with a manual faucet will have a paper towel dispenser.  ​

Respiratory Etiquette

Proper respiratory etiquette is a key proactive strategy to minimizing the spread of COVID-19. We will have education posters in prominent areas throughout each school.

Respiratory etiquette includes:

  • Covering nose and mouth during coughing and sneezing with a tissue or sneezing or coughing into your sleeve or elbow.
  • Disposing of used tissues into the garbage immediately after use.
  • Tissues and touchless waste baskets (foot pedal-operated, hand sensor, or open baskets) are to be provided.
  • Practicing proper hand hygiene immediately after coughing or sneezing or touching one’s face.