At HCDSB, we are committed to energy conservation and environmental stewardship. From the installation of renewable energy projects at our schools, to educating our students about the importance of preserving our planet, we do our part to ensure a safe and sustainable future for generations to come.

HCDSB encourages responsible environmental practices through Policy V-15 Environmental Stewardship.

Visit your school website to learn more about the energy conservation and environmental stewardship initiatives happening in your community.

EcoSchools Certification

EcoSchools Canada is an environmental education program that encourages school communities across the province of Ontario to develop their ecological literacy, environmental practices, and reduce their eco-footprints.

31 HCDSB schools were certified as EcoSchools during the 2019-2020 school year and received their Special Edition Seal!​

5-Year Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

Ontario Regulation 507/18, under the Electricity Act, requires that all public agencies, including school boards, report their annual energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as develop an Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan.

Our Facility Management Services team developed a 5 Year Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan to standardize current energy management practices, identify key performance indicators and areas for improved efficiency, and set conservation goals for the next five years.

The Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan aligns with our HCDSB Long-Term Capital PlanPolicy V-15 Environmental Stewardship, and the Long-Term Facility Renewal Strategy.

Safe Drinking Water

Safe drinking water in each of our schools is a top priority for the overall health and safety of our students and school communities. Ontario Regulation 243/07 requires school boards to test water for lead at each school site, and to provide the results of the lead analysis annually.

To view the drinking water results for an HCDSB school, click on the button below, or contact Steve Allum, Manager of Energy and Environmental at: 

Waste Management

HCDSB’s waste management program aligns with Halton Region’s recycling program, and waste separation and collection methods.

In partnership with the Halton Region, HCDSB collects organic and recyclable materials from all of our schools to divert waste from Halton’s landfills. HCDSB also provides proper disposal of all Board-produced electronics and electronic waste.

School Waste Audits

Ontario Regulation 102/94, under the Environmental Protection Act, requires school boards to conduct and report on annual waste audits at each school facility. The results of the audits are posted below.

Energy & Greenhouse Gas Emissions

HCDSB monitors the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of all school and Board sites on an annual basis. The reports available below summarize the use of electricity and natural gas for each site during the specified time period.