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Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School is located in Milton Ontario. We are committed to providing a varied and rich curriculum and to offering a strong Catholic value base for our students. We are dedicated to instilling in our students the desire to give back and the values of dignity, equity and respect.


Student Success Programs

Bishop Reding is a school that continually meets high standards and high academic achievement. Our school has high success rates for the Grade 9 EQAO Math test and the Grade 10 Literacy Test (OSSLT). We are a school that celebrates success daily through internal awards, graduation awards, and many scholarships. While a majority of our students easily achieve academic success, some of our students require additional support and resources. There is a wide spectrum of students that are monitored by our Student Success Teacher and the Student Success Team. This allows for students to receive the support they need to be successful. Student support is available for all, but is necessary for some. As a staff we continuously support those that are in need, and celebrate the success of all of our students.

The role of the Student Success Teacher

The Student Success Teacher is a facilitator and provider for direct student advocacy and mentoring.

The Student Success Teacher will:

  • Monitor the transition from Grade 8 to Grade 9 for each Student Success Student
  • Track progress of each student throughout the semester at progress reports, midterm reporting, and final report.
  • Conference with teachers to track student progress
  • Regularly meet with students to discuss progress and set goals
  • Implement strategies or schedule recommendations
The Student Success Teacher works with the classroom teacher, Guidance counsellor, Special Education, and Administration to support the student’s individual needs.


The Role of the Student Success Team

The Student Success Team is comprised of the follow people: Student Success Teacher, Administration, and representatives from Student Services, Special Education, Literacy Team, Numeracy Team, Pathways Team. The Student Success Team meets regularly to work together to develop strategies to assist students with their individual needs.

  • ­Student Success Initiatives
  • After school Numeracy for Grade 9 and Grade 10 students
  • After school Credit Rescue for all grades
  • After school Literacy
  • Peer tutoring
  • Outside tutoring available

Program Highlights

In addition to the entire common curriculum that exists in all our Halton Catholic Secondary Schools, Bishop Reding offers many courses available at all levels. As well, Bishop Reding is proud to offer the following unique courses, only available at Loyola BR:

  • E-Learning Courses
  • The Extended French Program
  • Aboriginal Studies (Grade 12)
  • Specialized Music
  • Extensive Technical Studies courses
  • Specialist High Skills Major
  • OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program)
  • Grade 10 courses in Soccer

These programs which go beyond the normal classroom experience provide a unique opportunity for the intensive training required for apprenticeship, career placement or athletic training, helping to provide an excellent advantage to our students.

Our Gifted students receive enrichment through an expanded curriculum that goes beyond the basic minimum guidelines and includes unique opportunities to attend learning workshops as well as opportunities to hear speakers on a wide variety of topics.


  • Arts Festival
  • Athletic Banquet
  • Book Club
  • Car club
  • Celebrate Life
  • Choir
  • Comic club
  • Computer Programming Team
  • Concert Band
  • Debating Team
  • Environment Club
  • Grade 9 Retreats
  • Grade 10 Retreats
  • Green Team
  • Guest Speakers/Presenters
  • Jazz Band
  • Leaders in Black
  • Link Crew
  • Math Contests
  • Mock Trial Team
  • Multi-Cultural Club & Fair
  • Music Ministry
  • Music Night
  • School Reach Team
  • School Theatre Production
  • Social Justice Team
  • Student Newspaper
  • Vocal choir
  • Year book

Sports Teams

  • Badminton – Junior
  • Badminton – Senior
  • Basketball – Midget Boys
  • Basketball – Boys Jr. & Sr.
  • Basketball – Girls Sr.
  • Cross Country – Girls /Boys: Jr. & Sr.
  • Field Hockey – Girls Jr. & Sr.
  • Football – Jr. & Sr.
  • Golf – Boys
  • Hockey – Girls
  • Hockey – Boys
  • Rugby – Girls
  • Rugby – Senior Boys
  • Soccer – Boys Jr. & Sr.
  • Soccer – Girls Jr. & Sr.
  • Softball – Girls
  • Swim Team
  • Tennis – Jr. & Sr.
  • Track & Field
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball – Boys Jr. & Sr.
  • Weight Training 

Before and After School Programs

Students at Bishop Reding have the opportunity to be immersed not only in academic pursuits but an exceptional variety of extracurricular activities that allow students to develop and reach their potential physically, socially and spiritually.

Curriculum Focus

We offer a multifaceted approach to Learning: Academic, Spiritual, Social and Physical. Our Catholic values permeate these areas to improve student engagement and to encourage parental engagement in our Catholic School Community.

We are committed to creating an environment in the school that makes both staff and students want to come here each day. We work with students, staff and parents to achieve our goals, to meet with success in all our endeavours and to promote continuous improvement.

We work hard at making sure our school environment has a safe and inviting atmosphere for each and every student. The values of dignity, equity and respect permeate all that we do so that we can serve our school community and the community at large in a way that reflects the teachings of Jesus. To that end, we will never knowingly allow a student to be bullied, feel intimidated, or be discriminated in any way. All students have the right to feel safe, welcomed and “at home” at BR so they are free to focus on their academic studies and to achieve their fullest potential.

Our goal is to provide our students with good, solid values that form the basis for strong decision- making abilities based on strong morals and ethics while they are in our school and as they move forward to achieve their post secondary goals.

Environmental Focus

In collaboration with our community partners, BR is involved in all aspects of the recycling program in Halton. The green and blue cart initiative serves to reduce our carbon footprint and demonstrate our school’s commitment to improving our Eco-School status.

Parent Community Involvement

The Bishop Reding Catholic School Council is comprised of parents/guardians, a staff representative  as well as community and parish representatives, the Student Council president and the Principal. Its aim is to support school activities through involvement and committee participation.

A parent representative serves on the Safe Schools Action Team, participates in the Home, School and Parish Partnership Day, and serves on various ad hoc committees.

The Catholic School Council also provides a forum for parents to meet and share information and ideas concerning the school community.​

Community Use of the School

Contact our secretary Mrs. Morrison for more information on how to book the school for community events.​

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Bishop P. F. Reding Secondary School

Bishop P. F. Reding Secondary School

Location map1120 Main Street East
Milton, Ontario, L9T 6H7
Phone: 905-875-0124 Fax:905-875-2908
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Holy Rosary Parish, Milton


Justine O'Grady

Vice Principal

Teresa Castellarin

Vice Principal

Paul Ferguson


Lorrie Naar

Bell Times

8:20 am
8:25 am
2:30 pm
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School Council Members

Director of Education

Paula Dawson


​Diane Rabenda (Milton Trustee)


Approximately 1435 students.
Secondary School

Our Vision

The Halton Catholic District School Board is a model learning community, widely recognized as distinctively Catholic, providing exceptional education, while nurturing the call to love and to serve as a people of faith, living out God's plan.

Our Mission

​The Halton Catholic District School Board, in partnership with home and Church, is dedicated to providing excellence in Catholic education by developing Christ-centred individuals enabled to transform society.

Our Governing Values

At the Halton Catholic District School Board, we value:

Our Catholic Faith
and aspire to be models of Christ through our actions of love, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance.

The Whole Child
and create conditions that support the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional well-being of all students so that they may fulfill their God-given potential.

Excellence in Learning
and provide opportunities that meet the needs and aspirations of all learners in a supportive, creative and innovative learning environment.

Relationships and Partnerships
and recognize that our success is reflective of the healthy and vibrant partnership of staff, parents, pastors, and members of our broader community.

The Importance of Contributing to Our Communities
and respect diversity, celebrate multiculturalism, honour individual rights, and embrace the social values of collective responsibility and the common good.