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St. Vincent Catholic School - since 1960.

The first St. Vincent School Board was formed at the request of St. Andrew's Church pastor, Monsignor Priester, in 1959.  The children in the east part of the parish had been attending St. Mary's School situated on what is now the parking lot of St. Andrew's Church.  The Christian name of the Monsignor was Vincent, so that's why the school was named St. Vincent after St. Vincent DePaul in recognition of Monsignor Priester.
Prior to 1962, the former Town of Oakville and the former Township of Trafalgar were seperate municipalities.  St. Vincent School was located in the Township of Trafalgar and was officially designated by the Ontario Department of Education as Roman Catholic School No. 22, Trafalgar.  Our school, along with St. James and St. Dominic were rural schools. Each had its own Board of three trustees and school section number.
The first members of St. Vincent School Board were John Bannon, Bud Corcoran, and Bernard Murphy.  Mr. Murphy also acted as Secretary-Treasurer.   The first Principal was Larry Loftus.
St. Vincent Catholic School officially opened in 1960 with six classrooms.  On January 1st, 1962, the former Town of Oakville and the former Town of Trafalgar were amalgamated into the new Town of Oakville.  All of the Catholic schools were transferred to the new Oakville Catholic School Board, an urban Board with eight members.
Though the building has undergone renovations in 1991 and again close to the turn of the century, the mandate of spiritual and academic excellence remains the same.  The staff and students of St. Vincent School are committed to continuing this rich tradition of Catholic education in southeast Oakville.  
Our School Crest
The St. Vincent School Crest was created from the submissions of our incredibly talented and creative students.  The final crest you now see displayed on the banner for each page on this site is an amalgamation of three students' submissions - Sophie N, Eric H, and Sean T.  Elements from each of their submissions is evident in the final crest.
The V and the cross are interwoven to represent the connection between school and church, pedagogy and faith.  The shield represents our strength as a Catholic community, and is a symbolic nod to our athletic teams - Vikings!
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Student Success Programs

​St. Vincent Catholic Elementary is proud to continue the tradition of academic excellence rooted in our Catholic faith.  Students are provided with opportunities across the curriculum to engage in academic, athletic, artistic, and spiritual pursuits. 

Program Highlights

​We are proud of our on-going relationship with Bethany Kids Hospital in Kijabe Kenya and continue to focus our Lenten fundraising in support of the work taking place at Bethany Kids in support of the children of East Africa.  For more information visit  We also continue to support the work of Kerr St. Ministries here in our Oakville Community throughout the Christmas season

Our Instrumental Music program is the pride of the board as our Concert Band and Jazz Bands have performed at Christmas Concerts and Spring Concerts and have toured the board to peform at other schools.

Athletically we continue to not only compete but excel in all sports, consistently winning championships over the past years. 


​We offer opportunities for students to engage in the school in a variety ways.  Athletically, we compete in volleyball, basketball, cross-country, hockey, track and field and soccer.  Our teams have won Oakville and tournament championships in recent years and as well as the Halton Basketball Championship.  Our Instrumental Music program produces high calibre musicians who perform in our Concert Band and Jazz Band here at school and around the board.  Clubs include academic pursuits such as the French Club, Sunshine Math, Science Club and Robotics Club while other clubs focus on social justice through our Peace and Justice Club.  Our Eco Club has made our school a certified silver Eco School.  Further clubs include the Drama Club, Yo Yo Club, Silver Birch and Red Maple Book Clubs as well as our championship Battle of the Books team.  There is so much to do and so many things to get involved in at St. Vincent, students have a plethora of opportunities to contribute to the school. 

Before and After School Programs

Curriculum Focus

Environmental Focus

Parent Community Involvement

​The partnership between home, school, and parish conitnues to be what makes St. Vincent such a special place.  We are blessed with a very involved and supportive parent community and a wonderful Catholic School Council who support so many of the activities and initiatives throughout the school.  Our Catholic School Council members are listed on the right side of this page. 

Community Use of the School

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St. Vincent Elementary School

St. Vincent Elementary School

Location map1280 Braeside Drive
Oakville, Ontario, L6J 2A4
Phone: 905-849-0777 Fax:905-849-4579
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St. Andrew Parish


Penny Uniacke


Gabriella Van Hooydonk


Toni Pinelli

Bell Times

8:40 am
3:10 pm
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School Council Members

Heidi Blackburn

Christiane Kyte

Communications Rep
Tracey Sonnemann

Parish Rep
Katherine Cullen

Melissa Grech

Volunteer Coordinator
Carolyn Holmes


Liz Ann Gurowka

Teacher Representative

Wendy Glinski

Staff Representative
Marilyn Barrett

Director of Education

Paula Dawson


​Anthony Danko
Helena Karabela
Paul Marai
Anthony Quinn


Approximately 280 students.

Elementary School

Our Vision

The Halton Catholic District School Board is a model learning community, widely recognized as distinctively Catholic, providing exceptional education, while nurturing the call to love and to serve as a people of faith, living out God's plan.

Our Mission

​The Halton Catholic District School Board, in partnership with home and Church, is dedicated to providing excellence in Catholic education by developing Christ-centred individuals enabled to transform society.

Our Governing Values

At the Halton Catholic District School Board, we value:

Our Catholic Faith
and aspire to be models of Christ through our actions of love, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance.

The Whole Child
and create conditions that support the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional well-being of all students so that they may fulfill their God-given potential.

Excellence in Learning
and provide opportunities that meet the needs and aspirations of all learners in a supportive, creative and innovative learning environment.

Relationships and Partnerships
and recognize that our success is reflective of the healthy and vibrant partnership of staff, parents, pastors, and members of our broader community.

The Importance of Contributing to Our Communities
and respect diversity, celebrate multiculturalism, honour individual rights, and embrace the social values of collective responsibility and the common good.