At HCDSB, the health and well-being of all students is our highest priority. Our Catholic values instill a strong belief to care for one another and ensure that our schools are safe, engaging, welcoming and inclusive places to learn.

As part of the Board’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy, we are committed to working collaboratively with our community partners to meet the mental health needs of our students.

Mental Health & Well-Being Resources During COVID-19

Living and learning through a global pandemic is hard on children, youth, families and staff. Our HCDSB Mental Health Leadership Team has compiled a list of resources to help our HCDSB community cope with the additional stress and anxiety during this time of uncertainty.

Talk, Learn, Support 

We believe it is important to destigmatize mental health illnesses through the Talk, Learn, Support philosophy. We address mental illness by talking about the needs of our students, we learn about it through focused professional development for our staff and in speaking with parents in the community, and we support our students with their mental health by providing them access to resources and support services.

How do we support student health and well-being?

HCDSB staff support student health and well-being by:

  • Providing hands-on resources to increase mental health awareness;
  • Supporting effective decision-making in school mental health initiatives;
  • Helping students develop their social-emotional learning skills;
  • Identifying students in need and in high-risk groups;
  • Identifying/connecting students in need with the appropriate support services and care.

Important to Know

A child can experience mental illness, while also experience mental well-being all at the same time. This means that a child can flourish even with a mental health diagnosis! Many mental health problems are long-standing or have the ability to relapse at a later time. Early intervention and ongoing support is key!

Getting Help

Parents and guardians who have concerns about the health and well-being of their child are encouraged to seek help in one or more of the following ways: 

  • Contact your child’s school directly. Our school staff, including School Social Workers, School Child and Youth Counsellors, Chaplains, Principals and Vice-Principals, are always available to support our students. 
  • Contact your family doctor.
  • Contact the community Health and Resource Center, Public Health Department, by dialing 311. 
  • Contact Kids Help Phone – 1 (800) 668-6868 or visit​

Community Partners