Mission Statement

“As Halton Catholic District School Board Student Trustees, we are committed to promoting awareness of issues affecting our students and our ability to enhance the importance of student voice.”

​​​What is a Student Trustee?

  • Student Trustees are senior (Grade 11 and 12) high school students that have been elected by the Student Senate to represent all of the students in a Board.
  • Every school board in Ontario has at least one Student Trustee. Our board has three; one to represent Burlington, another for Oakville, and yet another to represent North Halton.

What do they do?

  • Student Trustees attend all regular Board Meetings and sit at the Board Table.
  • Although they have a non-binding vote, Student Trustees are allowed to voice their opinions on important issues.
  • Student Trustees are the essential connection between students and Trustees, Senior Administration, and stakeholders of the Board.
  • Student Trustees run the Student Senate.

Current HCDSB Student Trustees

Katie Bowie


City/region: Oakville
School: St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary School
Grade: 11

Gabriela Masri Ahmar


City/region: Burlington
School: Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School
Grade: 12

Alicia Tokiwa


City/region: North Halton
School: Christ the King Catholic Secondary School
Grade: 12

Student Senate 

What is a Student Senate?

The Student Senate is a committee designed to establish a student vision for the Halton Catholic District School Board. Its members, Student Senators, provide a link between the Student Trustees and the remainder of the students in the board. The Senate is composed of three to eight representatives from each secondary school.

Job Description

The primary role of the Student Senate is to bring a more diverse “Catholic student voice” to the school board. Senators act as an advisory body to the Student Trustees in order to provide a wider perspective on issues that face students in our Catholic schools. Student Senators also have the opportunity to “self determine” their roles. They may choose to develop initiatives that will promote and develop leadership throughout Halton. One example of this is the organization of the annual student conference.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

If you are a secondary school student and interested in becoming a member of the Student Senate, please speak with your Principal or Vice-Principal.